Although dog cloning is spreading to many parts of the world, the majority of the cloners are still from the U.S..
The biggest hurdle for most future cloners is the price tag: $100,000 (£63,000). This hefty cost is necessary because many researchers put in months of effort to clone one dog.
But Sooam Biotech is announcing a Dog Cloning Competition in the U.K. We are offering the winner of this competition a unique chance to clone his her beloved dog for FREE.

Sooam Biotech is looking for one person with the most special and inspiring reason for cloning his/her beloved dog.
There are no restrictions on the breed, sex, age, or size of the dog.

Applicants to the competition should email describing their relationship with their dog and whythey would like it cloned.
Please include a photograph and short video if possible.

Or the application as a whole can be sent to the following address:
Sooam Biotech Research Foundation
64 Kyungin-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul
South Korea 152-895

Videos will be uploaded onto our YouTube channel: DogCloningUK.
Application can also upload their video to or email it to .
Applications must be received before the 25th of November, 2013 for eligibility to enter the contest.

More information:
This competition is restricted to residents of the U.K.
All you would need for cloning your dog is a viable cell.
Viable cells from your dog can be obtained through a simple biopsy procedure that involves taking a very small piece of skin tissue from your dog.
Before applying for the competition, please familiarize yourself with the cloning process on Sooam’s website (
and the quarantine requirements for importing a dog to the U.K..
By entering this competition, the applicant is giving consent to media appearance for television, newspaper, internet, etc.
For questions regarding the competition, please contact
No animal is harmed during the dog cloning process.

Connect with us on Twitter: @DogCloningUK, Facebook Page:

Terms and Conditions