Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years. They have been our protectors and friends; however, an average lifespan of a dog is about 10~15 years, much shorter than that of a human being. Sooam Biotech Research Foundation is able to prolong the companionship with your dog by bringing back the memories that you have with your friend. Cloning technology is possible at Sooam for any dog no matter its age, size, and breed. Sooam not only performs dog cloning research, but we also heal the broken hearts.

When your dog has passed away, DO NOT place the cadaver inside the freezer.
Then, patiently follow these steps:

1. Wrap the entire body with wet bathing towels.

2. Place it in the fridge(not the freezer) to keep it cool.

* Please take into account that you have approximately 5 days to successfully extract and secure live cells.

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- Biopsy Instructions For Veterinarians -

The following instructions are for veterinarians who need to perform a tissue biopsy on a client's dog for gene banking/cloning purposes.
It is recommended that you contact Sooam Biotech Research Foundation PRIOR to performing the tissue biopsy for instructions on proper protocols for obtaining and shipping tissue samples. The instructions below are general.

1. Pet Preparation
Use appropriate anesthesia and/or sedation as required. General but NOT local
anesthetics are permissible. Only use general anesthesia if the pet's health will not be compromised.

2. Aseptic Preparation of Biopsy Site
The biopsy area must be shaved and cleansed with a series of betadine, chlorhexidine and alcohol scrubs. This is important since hair can be a source of contamination in samples.
The biopsy area should be covered with a sterile drape if applicable.

3. Biopsy Procedure Guidelines
You will need 2 refrigerated vials. Remove vials from the refrigerator no more than one half hour before surgery. You will also need one bag of Parafilm Sealing Tape strips to tightly seal the vials after the samples are placed into the vials.
Biopsy samples should be obtained from the ventral abdomen in standard aseptic fashion.
Store each biopsy sample in a separate sterile vial containing sterile saline (or PBS) with a 1% antibiotic solution (Pen-Strep or Gentamicin but not Baytril).
Blood tubes without anticoagulant as well as 50 mL tubes and specimen cups can be used.
Store vials in the refrigerator but DO NOT FREEZE.
Two biopsies should be placed in each vial. The biopsy site should be closed using appropriate suture materials.

4. Tools and Technique
Use a 8 mm biopsy punch tool for all samples. Please rinse the tool in alcohol between each biopsy. The instrument is rotated on the surface of the skin until it cuts through all the layers, including the epidermis, dermis, and the most superficial parts of the subcutis.
If biopsy remains in the tool, remove with sterile forceps. If biopsy fails to separate from the subcutis, remove with sterile forceps and scalpel.
If a 8 mm punch tool is not available, biopsy can also be performed using surgical scissors.
Appropriate suture material should be used to close each biopsy site.

5. Biopsy Handling
a) Always use sterile techniques within a sterile operating field. Sterility must be maintained for all vials.
b) Using a sterile technique, close each vial after each biopsy sample is placed inside.
   Seal each vial with Parafilm Sealing Strip.
c) Place the vials into a refrigerator maintained between 2° and 8°C (35° to 45°F)
   until they are ready to ship.