Insung Hwang

Duke University, M.S.
Biomedical Engineering
Yale University, B.S.
Biomedical Engineering

Working at Sooam Since
Feb. 2010
Jae Woong Wang

McGill University MSc.
Anatomy & Cell Biology
McGill University BSc.
Biology, Minor in Biotechnology

Currently Sooam Biotech
Canine Reproduction Researcher

Sooam BRF Summer 2017 Internship Application is now open

Sooam BRF is looking for talented undergraduate interns to share our knowledge and experience in the cloning industry. Our internship program will cover lab techniques unique to each of our research teams at Sooam BRF. Strong grip of the English-language is a must, and applicants must be open to new cultural environments.

Internship period: May 15th - August 15th, 2017

Application Timeline:

1. Written Application: November 1st - November 30th, 2016

2. Interviews of select applicants: December 1st - December 10th, 2016

3. Results notification: December 15th, 2016

Submit Application to:

Application Procedure:

1. Written application: Please email ( us your Proof-of-enrollment, CV, and coverletter. The coverletter should be specific, incorporating basic introduction and applications of the cloning technology. Please indicate what you would like to know more about this field of science and your personal motives for your pursuit.

2. Skype Interview: We shall request interviews from select applicants and provide specific criteria before-hand.

Internship Conditions:

No stipend, residence & meals (lunch and dinner Mon-Fri) provided.
Interns are highly encouraged to bring at least $500 USD per month for personal expense.



We are the Class of 2011 summer interns. We created the contents of this website.

If you have any questions regarding this website or our internship experiences at Sooam, please contact us.

Thank you for visiting!



HaeJee Yoon


University of Michigan

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Class of 2012



Jae Woong Wang


McGill University

Molecular Biology and Human Genetics

Class of 2013



Michael Seung


Johns Hopkins University

Chemical and Biomolecular


Class of 2014



David Lee


Johns Hopkins University

Biomedical Engineering

Class of 2014